Brittany Mahomes Answers Questions About Jackson Mahomes’ Critics, Flaunting Wealth, And Home Wreckers

Brittany Mahomes wife of Patrick Mahomes and sister in law of Jackson Mahomes

Getty Image / Justin Edmonds

With the Mannings no longer taking snaps in the National Football League, the Mahomes family is arguably the First Family of Football in the NFL, at least with regard to how many headlines they generate.

In the greater Kansas City area, Patrick Mahomes, his wife Brittany Mahomes, and his brother Jackson Mahomes are amongst the biggest celebrities in the land. And save for Jackson Mahomes, they’re nearly unanimously beloved by the region.

Jackson Mahomes has been noticeably absent from Twitter and Instagram since an incident in early March where he was accused of assault at a bar. He broke his TikTok silence on Sunday, the same day that Brittany Mahomes answered a ton of questions from her Instagram followers and posted them to her Stories. She discussed flaunting wealth, gold diggers going after her husband, and her brother-in-law.

One of Brittany Mahomes’ followers asked her what she thinks about Jackson Mahomes’ critics. Her response was blunt.

Brittany Mahomes Addresses Critics Of Jackson Mahomes

To a question asking ‘how do you feel about the comments about your BIL,’ Brittany Mahomes wrote:

“They are ignorant. He is a human just trying to live his life and find his way and until you walk a day in his shoes (which no one ever will) you have no right to say **** about him. So it’s best to just shut up.”:

It’s worth mentioning that there is security footage of Jackson Mahomes grabbing a bar owner twice by the neck and kissing her without consent, an incident that police investigated. So while comments about Jackson’s TikTok dances might be unwarranted, other comments about his actions are quite justified.

Brittany Mahomes on flaunting wealth

In a real 1-2 punch sequence, Brittany Mahomes was asked about flaunting wealth. She was then asked about their home life. The sequence of questions and answers seem to contradict one another.

Question from a follower: “How do you feel about famous people flaunting their money? I feel like y’all don’t and love it!”

Brittany Mahomes: “Just not something we will ever do.”

Question from a follower: “How many cars do you own?”

Brittany Mahomes: “We own 7 cars.”

Question from a follower: “Do you keep a different set of things in each house or pack up items to move back and forth?”

Brittany Mahomes: “Yes I have stuff in TX and stuff in KC. Try not to have to pack stuff back and forth!”

I’m not knocking her here at all for being a smart planner. But saying that flaunting wealth is something they’d never do then immediately admitting to owning 7 cars and keeping two sets of everything at two different mansions in two different states so they don’t have to pack things when traveling is quite incongruous.

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Brittany Mahomes on how she deals with women going after her husband Patrick

Another person asked Brittany about home wreckers. They asked “How do you deal with all the women trying to get after your husband?”

Brittany Mahomes responded: “Lol it’s really sad how disrespectful some women are. But they are a waste of my time and not going to disturb my peace. BUT I did used to have a very hard time and get extremely annoyed. But I am now to a point where I could care less.”

As for keeping things casual and normal after becoming insanely wealthy, Brittany Mahomes said she and Patrick often order takeout from the Olive Garden and admitted she misses being able to have casual nights out without having to get a private room and sneak in the back entrance to avoid being seen.

Someone asked if they’ve ever used disguises. She says they haven’t and said she likely wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face with one on.

Again, there was (is?) a police investigation into Jackson Mahomes. So questions about his behavior are completely valid and warranted as he has made himself a public figure.

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