Broncos Defender Seen Yelling In Russell Wilson’s Face After Another Putrid Day

Broncos Defender Yells In Russell Wilson's Face After Another Putrid Day

Getty Image / Grant Halverson

The Denver Broncos are truly a hot mess as they’ve been one of the most disappointing teams in the league. Although the defense has played well, for the most part, they’re getting no help from the offense. It’s getting so bad, it looks like a defender got in Russell Wilson’s face on the sidelines.

Frustration might be boiling over, as Mike Purcell was seen yelling at Russell Wilson right to his face. It looks like the Broncos quarterback responds back with a laid-back demeanor. Even so, at first glance, this isn’t a great look for Denver.

Mike Purcell shows pure emotion as he yells in Wilson’s face. It’s hard to tell if he’s trying to fire up his quarterback, or if he’s genuinely pissed off. The former is definitely an optimistic way to watch that clip.

We might officially be at the breaking point for this team. Considering the state of the Carolina Panthers, you’d think the Broncos would put up more points. However, Russell Wilson hasn’t looked good at all this season. To the point, where it’s starting to look like Denver made a serious mistake.

The head coaching situation is legitimately in question as well. However, the Broncos need to figure things out, especially with a veteran quarterback under center. Keep an eye on this situation though, as we should receive more information in the postgame press conferences.