Former Auburn Football Coach Bryan Harsin’s Daughter Calls Top Tigers Linebacker A Liar

Bryan Harsin's daughter Dayn called out Auburn linebacker Eugene Asante
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Bryan Harsin is no longer the head football coach at Auburn University, but his daughter is not holding back when it comes to her knowledge of the team. Dayn Harsin called out a current Tigers linebacker on Instagram over the weekend.

Harsin’s tenure at Auburn was always doomed to fail. Boosters didn’t want him to be the hire in the first place which did not bode well for his success if he did not win right away — which he did not.

A fake story about inappropriate relations spread like wildfire after his first season with the program and there was a large cloud of awkwardness looming over Harsin as he tried to rally in year two. The relationship was ultimately tarnished to the point of no return and he was fired midway through his second season after going 3-5.

All of the drama surrounding the Tigers was exhausting. It was always something.

And as it all went down, Harsin’s family often expressed their frustrations online. His sister-in-law, fitness model Keli Park, was amongst the most prominent social media figures throughout it all. She took a shot at Hugh Freeze on Instagram as soon as he was hired.

Harsin’s wife and daughter were also very active throughout the whole thing.

Dayn joined one of her dad’s player’s Instagram live streams back in February of 2022 to call them out for what she believed were false claims.

Bryan Harsin’s daughter did something similar over the weekend.

Auburn linebacker Eugene Asante had a huge game against Cal on Saturday. The junior said after the game that he was motivated by his time on the scout team under Harsin last fall.

Dayn provided some clarification on Asante’s comments and called him a liar. She claims that he asked her father to play on the scout team and that he did so voluntarily.

Dayn did not provide any further evidence for her claim. However, it seems like a weird hill to die on if it’s not true. Either way, the Harsin family continues to