Bryson DeChambeau Regrets Lashing Out At Cameraman, Says Some Of Brooks Koepka’s Trash Talk Has Gone ‘Too Far’

bryson dechambeau brooks koepka trash talk

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The two biggest alphas in golf not named Tiger Woods are Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka and the two have had a running feud for over a year now.

It all started at the 2019 Northern Trust Open when DeChambeau took over two minutes to hit an 8-foot putt. Koepka, who has voiced his frustrations with slow play, didn’t like it one bit and it was later reported that DeChambeau approached Koepka’s caddie at the tournament saying that if Koepka has a problem with his slow play, he should talk to him about it face-to-face.

Since then the two have traded a few jabs here and there, but none bigger than Koepka essentially accusing DeChambeau of using steroids in reference to his quick bulk-up and just after winning the 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic.

In a recent in-depth piece with Sports Illustrated, DeChambeau acknowledged that some of the trash talk fun and part of sports, he did admit that Koepka has taken it too far at times.

“There are times where it’s like, ‘O.K., dude, it’s too far,’” DeChambeau said. “I’ve gone up to him a couple of times and tried to talk to him. And there have been times where, you know, I was gonna go talk to him when he said something, and I’m just like, ‘You know, it’s not even worth it. It’s not even worth my time to try and create something.’ ”

Putting on 30+ pounds over the last year or so and trading blows with Koepka on social media aren’t the only ways DeChambeau has drawn some attention to himself. Back in July, DeChambeau lashed at a cameraman at the Rocket Mortgage Classic after the man was just doing his job, but perhaps caught something that would hurt his brand. DeChambeau admitted to that specific incident as being stupid.

“It’s so stupid!” he said in the story. “It’s so dumb. And I hate myself for it. I criticize myself for it all night. Sometimes I don’t sleep over it, because it’s like, ‘Why did I do that? That was so dumb.’ ”

Since all of this went down with both Koepka and the cameraman, DeChambeau has won a U.S. Open and is currently ranked as the No. 6 player in the world.

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