Carrie Underwood Dropped An A+ Tweet About Going Overboard As A Fan During The Stanley Cup

Like most professional athletes’ spouses Carrie Underwood supports her partner with all that she’s got. In her case the athlete would be her husband Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators, who are currently playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

All you have to do is look at her social media feed to see how fired up she gets when it comes to supporting her hubby and his team.

Yeah, I’d say she’s pretty into it.

However, unlike a handful of athletes’ spouses *cough Kristin Cavallari, Miko Grimes *cough, Underwood knows that getting too crazy on social media when it comes to sports has a tendency to just lead to internet trolls trying to cause trouble.

So, as she often does during Predators’ games, Underwood was on Twitter rooting the team on and commenting on the action on Wednesday night.

It was at this point that Underwood realized that she was beginning to tread into potentially dangerous waters and dropped the perfect tweet to end her frustration with the officiating.

Love it.

She did, LaVar, she did. Unlike you Carrie Underwood apparently has at least a modicum of self-awareness.

Don’t worry though. Despite her calling it an early night on Twitter, she’s still got Smashville’s back.

Can’t wait for game three.

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