Chad Ramey Posted An Impossibly High Score On A Par-4 After Imploding At The Memorial Tournament

PGA Tour golfer Chad Ramey

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Anyone who’s subjected themselves to a round of golf knows just how frustrating the sport can be, and one the biggest appeals of watching the pros is getting to see some of the best players in the world navigate some incredibly tough courses with impressive ease.

Of course, guys who make a living on the PGA Tour are still human, so while they might typically be able to put the average hack to shame, they’re not immune to the kind of breakdowns that make it hard to resist the urge to throw your entire bag into the nearest pond.

As things currently stand, Tommy Armour has the dubious distinction of holding the record for the worst score ever recorded on a single hole during a PGA Tour event, as he needed a grand total of 23 shots to complete a par-5  at the Shawnee Open in 1927.

Chad Ramey can take a bit of solace in knowing he didn’t even come close to matching that unenviable feat during the first round of the Memorial Tournament on Thursday, but that probably doesn’t do much to numb the pain he had to grapple with after one of the most brutal implosions in recent memory.

Ramey got off to a rough start after kicking off the tournament on the back nine, as he boasted a score of +5 when he hit the turn at Muirfield Village Golf Club. The second half of his round went a bit smoother, as he was “only” at +7 by the time he teed off on the par-4 9th that marked the end of his round.

A 293-yard drive meant he was 106 yards from the pin, and while it looked like he was in a solid position in theory, that did not turn out to be the case in practice.

Ramey’s first approach shot landed in the water protecting the front of the green, and after setting up shop in the drop zone 36 yards from the hole, he proceeded to put his next three shots into the exact same pond before finally hitting the green and three-putting for a 13 for a nonuple bogey to finish at +16 on the day.

“Brutal” is the ultimate understatement.

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