Incredible Twitter Threads Compiles The Funniest Moments Of Charles Barkley’s ‘Inside The NBA’ Career

Twitter Thread: Funniest Charles Barkley Moments On 'Inside The NBA'

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  • Charles Barkley has been working on Inside The NBA for over 20 years now.
  • Over the decades, the Hall of Famer has established a reputation as one of the funniest pundits in sports television.
  • A glorious Twitter thread has compiled all of Barkley’s funniest moments on the job.

Charles Barkley has forged not one, but two Hall of Fame careers in the world of basketball, as the 59-year-old former power forward is not only an all-time great NBA player, but he’s also one of the greatest pundits to ever feature on television, too.

In the 20-plus years that Barkley has been one of the analysts on Inside The NBA, the famously outspoken former Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns, and Houston Rockets star has developed a reputation as one of the funniest sports analysts on TV, regardless of the sport or network.

While “cancel culture” has caused Barkley to bite his tongue a bit more in recent years — for example, he no longer makes jokes about the women in San Antonio — he still remains must-see TV, as evidenced by this incredible Twitter thread that has compiled all of his most hilarious moments as an Inside The NBA analyst.

Twitter thread of Charles Barkley’s funniest Inside The NBA moments

As he approaches 60-years-old, Barkley has publicly toyed with the idea that he could retire any year now, so here’s to hoping that Warner Bros. Discovery, the new conglomerate that owns Turner Sports, is wise enough to back up the Brinks truck to keep Chuck behind the desk crackin’ jokes for a few more years.

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