Chris Berman Rocked A Shrek-Like Mullet At MLB’s Home Run Derby

// are a lot of annoying sports announcers in the world, but ESPN’s Chris Berman might just take the cake for the most well-known.

With catchphrases like, “back-back-back-back-back…GONE!” and “he could…go…all…the…way,” the Swami’s voice isn’t exactly what fans love to hear during sporting events, all too often muting the sound so they don’t need to deal with his ridiculousness.

But, at tonight’s MLB Home Run Derby, not even muting the sound would have saved Berman from fan harassment, though.

That’s because someone was smart enough to take a photo of Berman’s hair, posted it online and allowing the Internet—specifically Twitter—to have a fucking field day, as people compared the combed over, green-tinted mullet to some interesting shit. 



Thank you, Internet. Without you, I don’t know how entertaining Chris Berman would have actually been tonight.

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