Broncos Claim Joe Flacco Won’t Start On Sunday Because Of A Neck Injury, No One Believes Them

Broncos Claim Joe Flacco Won't Start Sunday Because Of A Neck Injury

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The Denver Broncos have announced ELITE quarterback Joe Flacco won’t start Sunday’s game versus the Cleveland Browns because of a neck injury. Absolutely no one on the internet believes them.

The reasons no one on the internet believes them is because Flacco seemed fine at the post-game press conference, has performed so poorly over the last three games that Troy Aikman was laughing at him on national TV, and, oh yeah, Flacco straight-up threw the Broncos’ coaching staff under the bus for the team’s play-calling after Sunday’s loss.

“We’re a 2-6 football team. And it just feels like we’re kind of afraid to lose a game,” Flacco told the media after the Broncos’ last-second 15-13 loss to the Colts. “Who cares if they have a timeout there at the end or not? Getting in field-goal range isn’t that tough. You’re just putting your defense in these bad situations and I just felt like, what do we have to lose? Why can’t we be aggressive in some of these situations? That’s kind of how I feel about a lot of the game today.”

On Monday, it was revealed by Broncos head coach Vic Fangio that Flacco, who has thrown 6 TD passes in 8 games (to 5 picks) is injured and 27-year-old Brandon Allen, who has been cut by the Jaguars and Rams and never played in a regular season NFL game, will be starting at quarterback on Sunday.

Which makes perfect sense considering Broncos’ President of Football Operations John Elway’s horrific track record when it comes to picking quarterbacks.

Whatever you say, Vic.


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