Clayton Kershaw Welcomed The Rams To LA By Giving All The Players A Bottle Of Johnny Walker Blue

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I really couldn’t care less about the Rams. Their move to Los Angeles barely registered on the radar that is my life. I honestly think the only two groups of people that move affected were Rams fans that are now confined to St. Louis and people who live in Los Angeles. However, Clayton Kershaw falls into the latter category, meaning he’s pretty enthused about the Rams making their way to the Golden Coast. How excited is he? Excited enough to gift every player a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue.

Via Dodgers Nation:

“Dodgers ace pitcher, Clayton Kershaw took it upon himself to welcome the Rams to the City of Angles by presenting them with a gift. Sports anchor for FOX LA, Liz Habib posted a photo of the all-star pitcher with the biggest grin on his face.

Each player received a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue scotch and we don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t mind if Kershaw gifted us one of these sweet bottles too.

Not only are the bottles in Dodger blue and coincidentally the “Year of the Ram” edition, but the bottles were also inscribed with “Welcome Home! L.A. All Day!” The custom bottle retails at $230, so for 200 bottles, that’s just over $40,000 in scotch! Sure, this gift was extremely luxurious but gifts like this are more about the sentimental value rather than the dollar value.”

In all honesty, I’ve only ever had Johnny Blue once in my life and apparently I drank it wrong. Granted, I was 18 at a family wedding and wasn’t used to being served alcohol in general, let alone a shot of whiskey that I wasn’t supposed to drink all at once. I mean, fucking sue me. Maybe all my family members could have stopped jerking themselves off about the proper way men should enjoy whiskey and given a few fucking bullet points on how to drink expensive alcohol. Why does alcohol this expensive exist? Not a clue. But I’m kind of into Kershaw giving away that many bottles of it. I might jump on the Rams bandwagon just in case he decides to send it to all the fans. Kershaw may have shot himself in the foot a bit though. What if the Rams end up winning a Superbowl? The guy’s going to have to go bigger than a few bottle of expensive booze. There’s going to have to be a fleet of sports cars rolling out of Kershaw’s next paycheck to make sure he can save face.

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