This Cleveland Cavs Dancer Videobombed The Life Out Of Stephen A. Smith Last Night And He Was Less Than Happy

by 3 years ago

My biggest fear before seeing this video was snakes. Snakes are fucking terrifying and serve no purpose besides haunting my dreams. If you see a snake, choke the life out of it. For me. But my fear of snakes has been bumped down on the list, and being thrust into a dance-off with this dude in a crowded club with my crush looking on may take the cake. My body cannot move like this. No training or practice can teach me to be this smooth. If I was forced in the center of the dance circle after this dude just wet the panties of every chick at the club, I’d probably just do the Macarena before faking a seizure. Half of life is recognizing your weaknesses and avoiding situations that’ll expose them. That’s why I wear a bathing suit in the locker room showers.

Stephen A. does not seem happy that someone is stealing his shine.

[h/t Uproxx]

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