Colin Cowherd Implies That ESPN May Have Sabotaged Draymond Green On MNF Over Podcast Promotion

colin cowherd draymond green manning cast audio sabotage

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  • During Monday Night’s Manningcast, Draymond Green had his audio muffled during a podcast promotion.
  • In response, Colin Cowherd posed the idea that it may not have been a coincidence.
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ESPN’s Monday Night Football Manningcast has provided some of the best television soundbites in recent history. The guest list has been fantastic, but Colin Cowherd is taking umbrage with one of the most recent appearances.

From Tom Brady, to Marshawn Lynch, to LeBron James, and many other high-profile guests, having Eli and Peyton get to pick their brain has been awesome. The relaxed environment has brought out the personality in those who join the Manning brothers and having their insight into the football game that is going on simultaneously as well as intertwined personal stories provides a great change-of-pace from the standard MNF broadcast.

However, through Week 10, it has not come without controversy.

Draymond Green was on the broadcast during the second half of Monday’s game between Los Angeles and San Francisco. During his appearance, he went to promote his new weekly podcast.

The podcast, called The Draymond Green Show, will be hosted on The Volume. The Volume is a emerging media network that was founded by Colin Cowherd and iHeartMedia last February.

During the plug, after Green said “I am starting a podcast … It’ll be on Colin Cowherd’s new,” the audio began to muffle. It sounded like an adult on Charlie Brown. It was indiscernible.

After the clip was posted online, Cowherd raised a curious question. He asked whether “y’all” thought that it was a coincidence that Green’s audio was muffled.

Cowherd, who was previously employed by ESPN, asked the question to imply potential sabotage. Did ESPN muffle Green’s audio in that singular moment on purpose? It certainly sounds like it might have been intentional.