Colin Cowherd Seems To Think That Jim Harbaugh Is A Better Coach Than Nick Saban

Colin Cowherd Thinks Jim Harbaugh Is A Better Coach Than Nick Saban

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Now that football season is officially back — college kicked off over the weekend, while the NFL begins tonight with a game between the Bills and Rams — so is Sportstalk Hot Take season.

From First Take to Get Up, from Undisputed to The Herd, all of the nation’s biggest sports media personalities are ramping up their football season hot takes, and Colin Cowherd came out swinging this week with an absolute scorcher of an opinion.

Speaking about Jim Harbaugh’s resume, Cowherd seemed to suggest that Harbaugh — who has not won a College Football National Championship or a Super Bowl — is just as good of a coach as Nick Saban, if not better. The basis for Cowherd’s argument seems to be that Harbaugh succeeded in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers while Saban infamously flamed out with the Miami Dolphins during his NFL head coaching stint.

Colin Cowherd seems to suggest that Jim Harbaugh is just as good of a coach as Nick Saban

“If you ask the average fan [about coaching rankings], it’s ‘Well, Saban up here, and Harbaugh down here.’ No, no, no,” Cowherd said. “As a total football coach, we’ve never once… when we talk about the greatest football coaches of all time, we don’t talk about Woody Hayes or Bo Schembechler. We bring up Bill Walsh, Jimmy Jonhson, Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, Chuck Knoll, and Don Shula. The best coaching in the world is in the National Football Leauge.”

If this hot take is any indication, Cowherd is in for a hell of a year this season.

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