Comedian Goes Viral For His Spot-On Impressions Of NBA Fans During This Year’s Free Agent Frenzy

Comedian Goes Viral For Impressions Of NBA Fans During Free Agency

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Has there ever been an NBA off-season like we’ve witnessed in the nine days since free agency began on June 30th of this year? Heck, players have only been allowed to sign free agent contracts since noon on Saturday, July 6th.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan are signing with the Brooklyn Nets. Kawhi Leonard signed with the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul George got traded to the Clippers. Kemba Walker signed with the Boston Celtics. Jimmy Butler joined the Miami Heat. Danny Green and DeMarcus Cousins are going to the Lakers. Al Horford signed with the Sixers. Klay Thompson re-upped with the Warriors. Damian Lillard did the same with the Blazers. As did Khris Middleton with the Bucks. Mike Conley got traded to the Jazz. Darren Collison retired at age 31.

My goodness. It’s enough to give a diehard NBA fan a coronary. So much drama.

Comedian Cameron Magruder understands the kind of stress fans of teams like the Raptors, Knicks, Clippers, Warriors, Nets and others have been going through the past couple of weeks and captured every fanbase’s feelings with hilarious impressions of NBA fans during this wild NBA free agent period.

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The highlight of Magruder’s impressions had to be the roller coaster of emotions Kawhi Leonard put the fanbases of the Clippers, Lakers, and Raptors through as he dragged out making his decision on where he is going to play next season.

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Oh, and wait until you see OKC Thunder fan’s reaction to losing Paul George. Gold…

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