Jeff Bezos Has Stern Competition After Magic Johnson Enters Race To Buy Commanders

Magic Johnson enters Commanders bidding war

Getty Image / Derek White

It’s no secret the Washington Commanders are up for sale all thanks to Dan Snyder’s wild antics over the years.

However, no purchase has been made yet. While Jeff Bezos seems to be the favorite for buying the NFL franchise, it sounds like he has some stern competition.

According to Sportico, “Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson has joined the bidding for the Washington Commanders as part of a group led by [Philadelphia] 76ers and [New Jersey] Devils co-owner Josh Harris.”

Johnson has been involved in ownership groups before, as he’s been involved with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Sparks, and the Los Angeles Football Club.

Tagging alongside Josh Harris, who also has ownership experience, makes them a formidable team to possibly acquire the Commanders.

If that’s the case, then Jeff Bezos has some legitimate competition indeed.

It’s been a bit silent in regard to the bidding race for the Commanders lately. However, it sounds like things are really picking up lately with this latest update.

“After being relatively stagnant for the last few months, Commanders negotiations have progressed over the last week, and it’s possible a deal could be reached ahead of NFL owners meetings in Arizona at the end of the month,” per Sportico.

Additionally, with the reports from The Athletic claiming signing bonuses for players on the roster are being delayed, perhaps a team purchase is actually in the works.

Keep an eye on Washington. With rumors of the franchise being sold ongoing, a deal could be made soon. Look for Jeff Bezos and Magic Johnson’s bidding group to be in contention throughout.