Condoleezza Rice Shares Why She’s Keeping ‘An Open Mind’ About The Deshaun Watson Situation

Condoleezza Keeping 'Open Mind' About The Deshaun Watson Situation

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  • Condoleezza Rice has shared her thoughts about the Deshaun Watson situation.
  • The former U.S. secretary of state is keeping an “open mind” amid the allegations.
  • Rice is an avid Cleveland Browns fan.

Deshaun Watson is facing two dozen civil lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and sexual assault while a recent New York Times report stated the QB received massages from at least 66 women in 17 months.

Two Texas grand juries declined to indict him on criminal charges and Watson has denied every allegation thrown his way.

Seemingly everyone has shared an opinion about Watson amid the many allegations, and former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice is the latest to weigh in. Rice, a Browns fan, is waiting for the facts to present themselves.

“I’m someone who believes you keep an open mind until all of the facts are evident,” Rice told The Plain Dealer. “I know the league is doing an investigation, the Browns have done an investigation. I will just wait to see what the outcome is.”

“These are serious matters. I think every woman feels that these are serious matters, but hopefully people will get to the bottom of it and we’ll see where we are in a couple of months.”

Deshaun Watson Addresses Latest Allegations

Watson addressed the Cleveland media earlier this week and was asked to respond to the many allegations he’s facing.

“I go each and every day focusing on my task and being the best person I can be,” Watson said. “I can’t control what the other side is doing with the legal process, but, like I said before, I just got to continue to focus on being the best Deshaun Watson I can be for this organization.”

Watson appeared to react to the New York Times report shortly after it was revealed by sharing song lyrics to his Instagram story.

“See the blogs can’t break me down, see, I’m the voice, I don’t reply. But the rumors y’all done hard, I’ma humbly deny, yeah, yeah,” he wrote.