Bandwagon Dallas Cowboys Fan Reacts To Heartbreaking Playoffs Loss Like A True Bandwagoner

Last night was a truly heartbreaking loss for the Dallas Cowboys organization and its legions of fans. With just seconds left in the game, the Dallas Cowboys were looking at a tie score and their minds were already thinking ahead towards overtime.

A combination of blown coverage + Aaron Rodgers magic led to the Green Bay Packers moving into field goal range as time was about to expire, and Mason Crosby booted a 50+ yard field goal to end Dallas’ season and hopes of returning to the Super Bowl.

Dallas had one hell of a season. They only lost three regular season games, two to the NY Giants, but went into the playoffs at 13-3 and were gifted a bye week. Unfortunately, for the Cowboys the bye week meant that their path would eventually cross Aaron Rodgers, the hottest quarterback in the league right now. The Packers have won 8 games in a row and are on mutha fuckin’ fire right now.

Thanks in part to their immense success this season the Dallas Cowboys found themselves with a literal shit ton of new fans going into the Playoffs, many of those bandwagon fans. It’s unclear if the man in the video above lost a bet, is somehow a fan of both teams or is just the world’s worst bandwagon fan. Whatever the case is I think we can all laugh at this dude’s complete lack of team pride and ability to switch allegiances in a matter of seconds.

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(h/t r/videos)