Damian Lillard Takes Parting Shot At Paul George After OKC Star Was Salty About The ‘Bad Shot’ To End NBA Playoff Series

Damian Lillard takes one last shot at Paul George after game-winning shot to end first-round NBA Playoffs series

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Damian Lillard has ice in his veins, man. For anyone who might doubt that, just go ahead and read this story about the Portland Trail Blazers star telling some of his teammates at his house on Monday night that, come the next day in Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, he was gonna “get rid of these motherf*ckers” when describing their opponent. If that’s not a killer’s mentality, what is? Oh, right, the shot that ultimately buried OKC.

The fact that Damian Lillard then went out and dropped 50 points by shooting 10-13 from three-point range, including the game-winner and series-clincher, is even more impressive. The shot, which was from 37-feet out, wasn’t even something most basketball players would ever even take with time running down, let alone make. Oh, and LIllard hit the shot with a jab step against one of the NBA’s best defenders, Paul George, who couldn’t believe the damn thing went in, and even went as far as saying that it was “a bad shot” during his postgame interview. A little bitter, are we?

Those words got back to Lillard, who is clearly no stranger to talking sh*t back to an opponent — especially one he just beat by stealing his team’s lunch by averaging 33 points per game in the five games. Not only did Dame tweet a simple “LOL” after hearing what Paul George said, but he continued to dog the OKC Thunder star today when he was a guest on the “Pull Up Podcast”, even explaining why the shot wasn’t difficult for him.

With Damian Lillard calling out George by saying it was bad defense is just salt in the wounds of the Thunder. There’s George, on an island with one responsibility; to stop Dame. The point guard took one of the deepest shots to win a game most of us have ever seen, cooly celebrates and is still talking sh*t even a couple days after. As mentioned earlier, the dude has ice in his veins, so if you come at him, you better be prepared for some punches back.

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