Rumors About Damian Lillard Wanting To Get Traded To The Lakers Are Starting To Heat Up

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Now that LeBron James has officially moved to L.A. it seems like players around the league are lining up to join him in order to compete for a championship. Not only is Spurs superstar Kawhi Leonard attempting to get traded to L.A., but there are now several different reports making the rounds on the Internet of Damian Lillard wanting to force his way out of Portland to join LeBron in Cali.

According to ESPN’s Stephen A Smith, Lillard is currently content playing for the Blazers but is frustrated with the fact that talented players around the league are unwilling to move to Portland to play with him.

The problem is the Jimmy Butlers of the world, the Kevin Loves of the world are not interested in going to Portland. Damian Lillard is aware of this reality and as a result of it from what I’m being told is that he’s now of the mind set that although his preference is to stay in Portland and have people come there. He would entertain going to the Lakers or the NY Knicks. He doesn’t want to leave Portland but he is willing to leave to the Lakers or the Knicks to play with LeBron or Kristaps Porzingis.

Today, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne confirmed Stephen A’s story about Lillard wanting to play for the Lakers.

This Damian Lillard tweet also has added fuel to the Lakers trade rumors.

Lillard still has three years left in his contract and doesn’t have much leverage in order to force a trade. The Lakers would have to blow the Blazers away with an insane offer for them to even consider trading Lillard.

Update: Blazers GM Neil Olshey shoots down rumors that the team would entertain a trade from the Lakers for Damian Lillard.