Have You Ever Been So High You Handed A Cop A Baseball Card Instead Of Your ID? Because This Chick Has

An intoxicated driver in Florida attempted to weasel her way out of a DWI/DUI by pretending to be this MLB Postseason’s hottest player, Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets. Well, maybe she wasn’t pretending to be him, maybe she was just trying to hand the cop her driver’s license but she was too crunked up to know the difference. I can’t really say for certain which way it went down because I wasn’t there to watch her hand the cop a Topps baseball card. I can say for certain though that (1) I’ve never been pulled over for drunk driving (or drugs), (2) sadly, I don’t drive around with baseball cards in my car, and (3) I’ve never been so drunk/high I handed an officer of the law the wrong ID (and yes, I’ve been drunk and handing cops my ID before).

TheSmokingGun reports:

After being pulled over for driving at night without her headlights on, a “fidgety” Florida woman exhibited several signs of intoxication, according to a recent police report.
The motorist failed a series of field sobriety tests. Since her blood alcohol content registered a .000, police suspected–correctly as it turned out–that the driver was impaired due to the ingestion of some kind of illegal narcotics.
But what likely convinced officers that the woman was driving under the influence was what happened when she was asked for her driver’s license. The subject, cops noted, “attempted to hand the officer a baseball card.
Sadly, the report does not indicate why the woman was carrying a baseball card. And while cops did not identify the player pictured on the card, we would like to think that it was Daniel Murphy, second baseman for the New York Mets.

Sadly, TSG didn’t cite any information on where in Florida this woman was arrested, so I’m unable to look up her arrest report myself. But they do have a snippet of the arrest report in their article, so it is in fact confirmed to have happened. And before we get to the badass Daniel Murphy baseball cards I want to ask you bros to answer my quick Twitter poll: who will win the 2015 World Series?


A quick perusal of the Topps Baseball Cards website leads me to a plethora of Daniel Murphy baseball cards, so I’m even more intrigued than ever, because I really want to know which one of these cards it was:

For more on this story you can follow the link to The Smoking Gun!