Golf Commentator David Feherty Says Rory McIlroy Gives Him ‘Massive Boner,’ Believes Tiger Woods ‘Might Be Done’


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There are some outspoken sports personalities out there, but golf commentator/host David Feherty is on a whole different level than them all, as the Brit gets away with things that almost no one else could even think about saying.

And Feherty’s candidness continued in a hilarious interview with Irish Golf Desk, where he opened up about his love for fellow Brit Rory McIlroy, his own past partying ways and what he expects from Tiger Woods:

“It’s hard for me to commentate on Rory in the US without a massive boner because I love the kid and want him to do well,” said the 57 year old, who could the 1986 Bell’s Scottish Open among his five European Tour wins but famously lost the trophy.

Feherty, who was able to see the final few holes of McIlroy’s Irish Open win this past weekend, continued with how dominant Rory can become, and how, no matter how successful, it wont be Woods-esque:

“I got here in time to see the last few holes, which as all you needed to see. How about those for a couple of shots? Nobody makes the game look more beautiful than he does when he plays like that. Just fabulous.”

“The strength in depth is amazing. For Rory to have won four so far is fantastic. We are not going to see another Tiger Woods in my lifetime or my children’s lifetime.

As for Woods himself? Well, Feherty suggests that the 14-time major champ may be done after watching him swing on a few occasions over the past few months:

“I am not sure that Tiger will come back because it is a nerve in his back. It’s not muscular or skeletal. It’s not something you can deal with in a physical way.

“He is in phenomenal shape – just ripped as usual. But he is not able to make a full pass at it. I saw him a few weeks ago in Houston and he hadn’t played in five months and he hit some good shots and some awful skanky looking things.

“I think he has a feeling that if he doesn’t make it back this time, he might be done from a physical standpoint.

“But he is too stubborn and too good and too physically gifted to be able to just give it up. He loves it too much.

“I don’t think he needs to do this. He wants to do this. He really really does. But I am not sure that he can. I am not sure he is in any way clear on whether the can either.”

You can peep the entire interview over at, where Feherty briefly mentions his own partying ways from back in the day.