DEBATE THE SLATE: Ian Rapoport Calls Into The Podcast To Chat Sources, Seinfeld, Saving Alabama Football, And More!



My sources have confirmed, Ian Rapoport brought heat to the Debate The Slate podcast! He dishes stories about missing opportunities to break headline news (28:50-31:39), how he single-handedly saved Alabama football (37:38-39:13), his wife not letting him watch Curb Your Enthusiasm (42:02-44:20), why he slapped that kid in the eyeball (46:50-47:50), and a ton more!

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Dom and I dive into the weekend’s action, on and off the field. Dom shares his celebrity sightings in LA and how he became a 39,000 foot degenerate while gambling from a plane (0:50-6:03). Then we dive into Saturday’s slate of good, bad, and ugly games!

Somehow Tennessee at Florida was all of the above, an atrocious first half and insane ending. If you’re a degenerate, you either had to sweat it out and cash a Gator’s backdoor cover or suffered an all time case of Tennessee Tennseeing the hell out of themselves (6:13-10:19). On the ugly side of games, we gave ourselves a pat on the back for correctly predicting the Bengals vs Texans thriller (10:29-11:28). Of course we dissect Saturday’ bloodbath at Papa John Stadium. Clemson shoved Louisville and Lamar Jackson’s Heisman hopes into a locker (12:20-15:44), which makes me absolutely jubilant as a Kentucky fan.

Then Ian ‘Rapsheet’ Rapoport calls into the show (19:33-50:57) for a gem of conversation. Ian shares how he chases news through his sources, like he had to for OBJ and Bradford’s for this week. He dives into how much his phone gets blown up, including his mom annoying him during the NFL draft via text.We ask if he hooks up his sources like QBs do for their O-Line, if sources ever push back to withhold bad news, and if he has a story he’s most proud of breaking. He shares an amazing story about missing the chance to break a big coaching hire while he changed his son’s diaper, saying it was the worst he’d ever felt about missing a story.

On top of that, Ian chats:

  • His love for the Mets and fandom for Mississippi State
  • How he single-handedly saved Alabama football
  • Why he’s a huge Seinfeld fan but doesn’t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • What current college coaches could succeed in the NFL
  • His Pez collection

As always, we close it out with some rapid fire questions! We drill him on why he tried to take a dude’s eye out via eye-5, how he got hit in the face on the sideline, if the Jets will win any games this season, and more!

To finish out the podcast, we get check ourselves because we wrecked ourselves. Introducing a new portion of the show called “We Fucked Up” where we apologize for a couple pieces of bad gambling advice. We hammer a new Pope Pick bet and Dom closes out the episode with a legendary story about his 7th grade basketball coach that is a legendary Phish fan.



Dom and I will be live on Facebook this Thursday afternoon! We’ll take a deep dive into all the big games this coming weekend plus share our locks for all you degenerates.

Last week Dom went 3-1 on his locks, I posted a 4-1 record on straight bets and 0-1 (3-out-of-4) on a parlay, plus we went 2-2 on our money line underdog picks! So, if you aren’t watching… you clearly hate money. That’s on you, don’t even try to blame us.

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This episode of Debate The Slate with Ian Rapoport was brought to you by MyBookie.Ag. New players can use the PROMO CODE: SLATE to get a 100% sign-up bonus when you add up to $1,000 to your account. SIGN UP NOW!