DeMar DeRozan Reacts To His Daughter Going Viral Over Free-Throw Antics

DeMar DeRozan dunking on the Raptors

Getty Image / Andrew Lahodynskyj

The Chicago Bulls found a way to defeat the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night to clinch a spot in the NBA Playoffs.

Many are rewarding DeMar DeRozan’s daughter for helping his team win the contest, as her free-throw antics seemed to actually work on Toronto.

The Raptors couldn’t hit their free throws to save their lives. Probably because DeMar DeRozan’s daughter screamed each time. Here’s a quick example in case you missed it.

She went viral on social media due to her antics, as people made some hilarious jokes about the situation. This one is my personal favorite.

During the postgame interview, DeMar DeRozan shared his reaction to his daughter’s antics and her going viral on social media.

Is it safe to crown DeMar DeRozan’s daughter as the MVP of the play-in tournament?

Who else played that big of a role these past couple of days? Absolutely no one.

The Bulls should go ahead and sign her to a contract right now because her defense at the free-throw line is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

All jokes aside, Chicago still has work to do to clinch a playoff spot.

They’ll be taking on the Miami Heat on Friday night in a win-or-go-home situation. Sadly though, Chicago will be without DeRozan’s daughter screaming on the sideline, per James Collier.

So, good luck to the Bulls. They’ll need it on Friday night. Especially without DeMar DeRozan’s daughter messing up the Heat during their free throws.