Denver Broncos’ Shelby Harris Gets Nailed On Twitter For Complaining About Being ‘Punished’ By League For Schedule Changes

Denver Broncos defender Shelby Harris get ripped by Twitter for complaining about NFL schedule changes

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The Denver Broncos-New England Patriots game was forced to be rescheduled following a few positive COVID-19 tests for players on the Pats, moving the contest to Monday instead of Sunday. Such is life in a pandemic, where the NFL schedule has been altered over the past few weeks because of the virus raging on and infecting team facilities.

Given the league’s protocol, the decision to move the Denver-New England game made sense, as the NFL is trying everything it can to keep this regular season as normal as possible. Of course, the first four weeks of the schedule have been anything but normal — and the league did a poor job planning logistics for issues like this after having all offseason to do so — so here we are.

While it’s been a weird AF season to this point, and will (probably) only get weirder, not everyone’s happy with the decision to make shotgun decisions about some of these games — especially if it impacts preparation from week-to-week. One of those people is Shelby Harris, a veteran defender for the Denver Broncos, who took to Twitter to complain about being “punished” by the league for having to play the Pats on Monday and then quickly turning around to play the Miami Dolphins the following Sunday.

As Harris points out, the Broncos game against New England didn’t just get moved to Monday from Sunday, but the Patriots actually have a bye on Week 6, allowing them to stick with a somewhat typical routine. Unfortunately, Denver doesn’t get that luxury, and the team will be on a short week as they prep for Miami.

Although Shelby Harris has a rational point with his complaints about the NFL schedule changing so swiftly, that doesn’t mean many NFL fans saw it that way. In fact, plenty took to Twitter to reply to the defensive end, calling him out for knowing what he was getting into by playing this season, among other things. Take a look below at some of the replies — which included at least one person pointing out the amount of money Harris makes.

You know the old saying that life’s not fair? Well, unfortunately for Shelby Harris and his Denver Broncos’ teammates, that’s just about the best thing to remember in this situation. Whether people want to put blame on the league for being ignorant enough to think a regular season could be played as it normally does, or on players for being cavalier and ignoring rules — like the Tennessee Titans did after multiple positive tests — everyone knows the NFL schedule is a fluid situation right now, and teams and fans should just be ready for the inevitable changes along the way.

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