Derek Fisher’s Reportedly Trying To Make NBA Comeback And I REALLY Hope Matt Barnes Is His Teammate

Remember when, just earlier this year, Derek Fisher got his ass handed to him by former teammate Matt Barnes for shacking up with Barnes’ estranged wife? That was some solid shit, right there.

Fisher, who was the New York Knicks’ head coach at the time, then got canned, Barnes kept talking shit, and things seemed to just sort of fizzle out—until a, potential, new storyline that just hit, because D-Fish is reportedly trying to comeback to the league as a player again.

Per ABC News, Fisher is “exploring options and expressing interest in playing again,” and could be trying to use social media to help his attempt at making a comeback, as he posted this video on his Facebook page with the hashtag “Imnotdoneyet” showing his skills—even at 41 years old.

Of course, this is all a long shot given Fisher’s rep over the past year or so, going from first-year head coach to unemployed, but wouldn’t it be fucking hilarious if, somehow, someway, the five-time NBA champ and Barnes ended up on the same team? That would be the ULTIMATE troll job.

[H/T The Score]

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