Derek Jeter Was Finally Asked About The ‘Gift Basket’ Rumor And He Answered In An Un-Jeter-Like Way

This video of Joe Buck interviewing Derek Jeter on his new show Undeniable did two things — first it changed my opinion on Joe Buck as I immediately like him more for bring up the topic of the Derek Jeter gift basket to chicks after one night stands and it showed retirement Jeter is slightly edgier than classy Derek Jeter.

Captain Classy Jeets would have avoided the question or answered in the most bland and vanilla way the entire audience would have simultaneously slipped into a coma. Seriously, name one good Jeter quote or soundbite in his almost twenty year career. I can’t think of a fucking memorable interview in all those years. The guy has been gone just over a year now and he’s getting engaged and addressing rumors about signing baseballs for side pieces.

“It’s a dumb story and you really have to be dumber to believe it.”

He just called us dumb. Classy Jeter would never call anyone dumb.

I love retired Jeter! Get this guy a fucking podcast!

[via Esquire]