Derrick Henry’s Huge First Half Brought Out The Best And Worst From Fantasy Football Owners On Twitter

Screengrab // FOX Sports

Derrick Henry, man. F’in Derrick Henry, man!

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, guys, because I’m honestly just too pissed off at the moment, so I’ll just give it to you straight. My fantasy football team has been nailed by injuries and/or dumb decisions by players over the past few weeks. Cooper Kupp gets hurt. Kareem Hunt gets released. Derrick Henry forgets that he was once a Heisman Trophy winner. Such is the life of fantasy football, right?

Well, with all the lack of options I’ve had in the past few weeks, you want to know the one guy who I stuck by and decided I didn’t want to give up on? Derrick Henry. And you know who has two touchdowns and 129 yards before halftime? Derrick Henry. Oh, but want to know who’s on my fantasy football team’s bench? Yep, Derrick Henry.

After scoring in the first quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars, I thought to myself, OK, I can live with that. But then, out of nowhere, Henry busted a 99-yard touchdown run on the Jags in the middle of the second quarter, tying himself with Tony Dorsett for the longest run in NFL history, and putting him at a mark in fantasy that he’s probably never seen in his NFL life. Given the surprise day, social media had reactions. Oh, did they ever.

Take a look at some of the things people had to say about Derrick Henry after that long TD scamper.

After starting Derrick Henry for the past few weeks just hoping he would give me some confidence to start him in the first-round of the fantasy football playoffs, he let me down. And now he’s comfortably sitting on my bench with his career night just saying to himself, “I told you I’d show up, son.” FML, I hate fantasy football so much.

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