Deshaun Watson’s Lawyer Says QB Tried To Settle All Of His Civil Lawsuits In Order To Be Traded To 1 Team

Deshaun Watson Tried To Settle All His Lawsuits To Be Traded To 1 Team

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  • It’s clear that Deshaun Watson wanted to be traded to one team, and that team wasn’t the Browns.
  • Watson’s lawyer has painted a very clear picture of the situation.
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One of the questions many have been asking in regards to the nearly two dozen civil lawsuits Deshaun Watson is facing is why hasn’t, or why won’t,  the quarterback simply settle them?

According to his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, Watson tried doing so earlier this offseason and did so to try and force his way to one specific NFL franchise.

Watson was heavily linked to the Miami Dolphins before finally being traded to the Cleveland Browns, and it turns out there was some very real merit to those rumors and reports about Miami.

Hardin joined SportsRadio 610 on Friday and admitted that Watson attempted to settle all 22 of the civil cases he then faced in hopes of landing with the Dolphins. Watson of course didn’t settle his cases, which shut down trade talks with Miami.

Watson was hit with a 23rd lawsuit earlier this week and that number is expected to reach 24 sooner rather than later.

Two grand juries in Texas have declined to pursue any criminal charges against Watson. Some of the civil suits could head to trial, however.

As for possible punishment from the NFL, the league is holding its own investigation to determine whether or not Watson violated its code of conduct policy.

At this time it’s unknown when a possible ruling about Watson and the investigation will be announced.