Devon Lévesque Is Going To Bear Crawl 26.2 Miles And Our First Question Was ‘Why?!?’

Devon Levesque We Run This #16

Photo via Devon Levesque

Bear crawling is easily one of the most excruciating exercises during any Crossfit or Bootcamp class.

On a personal note, I hate bear crawls and avoid them as much as possible.

Devon Lévesque never really mentions if he likes doing bear crawls but he’ll probably eventually grow to hate the core-burning and shoulder-blasting exercise by the end of this year.

Devon’s original plan was to bear crawl the New York City Marathon but COVID-19 put an end to those plans. The canceled event isn’t stopping the former football standout and current trainer to some of the most elite athletes in the world.

Devon’s current fastest mile doing the bear crawl is 22 minutes.


When he’s not crawling miles on all fours, Devon coaches professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 business executives with personalized workout programs.

Inspired to get into fitness by his father and grandfather who were both professional weightlifters, Devon takes a holistic and positive approach to fitness by balancing the physical with the mental.

Devon talked to us about training for his bear crawl marathon, why he’d want to attempt something so insane, and his mental and physical preparation for the event.


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