Dez Bryant Calls Out ESPN Reporter For Reporting Antonio Brown Allegations—Which Is, By Definition, Her Job

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Report: Antonio Brown Destroys Surveillance Camera And Tossed A Bike At A Security Guard Shack.

The World: “Sounds about right.”

Dez Bryant: “Guys lets hear him out. Outside of the several domestic incidents, sexual assault lawsuits, and the near-decapitation of a toddler with flying living room furniture, the jury is still out on this dude.”

A story broke in the Miami Herald this week about AB being accused of angrily destroying a surveillance camera at South Florida gated community, throwing bike at a security-guard shack, and never being charged because the HOA president “feared” retaliation.

ESPN’s Jenna Laine then reported on the news, which falls under the new requirements of her job, and Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant was not happy.

Nothing stings more than a precisely placed “hope you are well,” intended to mean just the opposite.

Dez is probably still awaiting DNA evidence from the Aaron Hernandez double-murder.

How many times does Antonio Brown get to throw furniture at our heads and tell us it’s raining?

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