DJ Uiagalelei Reveals Why He Left Clemson For Oregon State After Transfer Decision

DJ Uiagalelei

Getty Image / Eakin Howard

Most college football teams across the nation have already conducted their spring games. Giving fans a quick look at the possible starters on the depth chart.

It’s an interesting time of the offseason, especially after so many transfers have taken place. One player to keep an eye on is Oregon State transfer DJ Uiagalelei.

After leaving Clemson, the former five-star quarterback aims for a fresh start with the Beavers.

Oregon State hasn’t quite been all that competitive in football over the years. Despite that, Uiagalelei chose to play for them instead of the highly competitive Clemson Tigers.

Now, he opens up about the reason why he transferred and it may come as a bit of a surprise.

According to The Athletic, DJ Uiagalelei “wanted to go somewhere he thought would get him ready for the NFL with a pro-style offense.” For that reason, he chose Oregon State.

“I didn’t want to do what I was doing at Clemson. I didn’t really like what we did there scheme-wise. I didn’t think we did very much. I thought it was very basic. It didn’t help me out as a quarterback and play to my strengths. I wanted to go somewhere that would play to my strengths and go somewhere that would develop me for the NFL. Play-action, work under center, throw the ball deep.”

When it comes to discussing NFL-ready offenses, the Beavers are rarely added to the conversation.

Regardless, DJ Uiagalelei claims the Oregon State offense suits his play style much more than Clemson ever did.

“This has been definitely different. The scheme is totally different than what we were doing at Clemson. I feel like it’s a lot better. It’s just new stuff. I wasn’t doing any of these run-checks at the line; I wasn’t really under center. It’s a lot more plays. All of these different play-action plays; these different two-man routes, three-man routes. All the stuff that I wanted to do at Clemson but we weren’t doing. It’s exciting. I’m just taking it day by day.”

After struggling as the starting quarterback at Clemson, Uiagalelei seems more than excited about his opportunity at Oregon State.

And who knows? Maybe playing in an offense like this is what he needed to truly become a top-tier quarterback in college football.

Only time will tell though, as DJ Uiagalelei will aim to help Oregon State compete in the Pac-12.