A Drake Meme Made Shaq Walk Off Set And Break A Bunch Of Stuff In The Janitor’s Closet

I have yet to listen to Drake new album mostly because I don’t want to get caught crying in public and while texting all of my ex-girlfriends that I miss them. The crying isn’t even the big issue, everyone needs a good cry now and then. It’s mostly that I’m on bad terms with pretty much every girls I’ve ever dated and that’s not a bear I’m looking to start poking. However, even though I haven’t heard the album, I have seen the memes. All of them. And, since Drake is now trendy as fuck, everyone’s trying to get in on the action. Even the NBA. Which, if you ask Shaq, led to varied results.

That’s some cold, hard shade. That one hurt me. I admire Shaq for taking that one so well because that was just plain mean. Odds Shaq went upstairs after this video cut out and started breaking everything he could get his hands on? High. Also, I’m a little bummed that the meme of Barkley just sitting on the roof of a doughnut shop went under the radar because that’s hilarious. I’m more curious if TNT ever gives something like this the go-ahead again. I think not, but I think we’d all love if they did.