Eagles Fans Are Getting Philly Special Tattoos Depicting The Wrong Play

nick foles philly special

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Every year, at least one NFL fan decides it’d be a good idea to head to a tattoo parlor and drop more money than anyone should in order to commemorate a Super Bowl victory that hasn’t happened yet. Every once in a while, this gamble manages to pay off, but most people end up walking through life with a reminder of what could have been that will have them seriously questioning reality if they ever end up in a similar situation as the guy in Memento. 

I think most people would agree it’s a good idea to wait until your team actually wins a Super Bowl until you decide to devote a spot on your body to commemorate the victory, which is what a number of Eagles fans (as well as Eagles players) have done since their recent triumph over the Patriots in Minneapolis. One of the more popular options seems to be a tattoo commemorating the instantly-legendary play known as The Philly Special that the Eagles pulled off at the end of the first half.

However, there’s one tiny problem with some of the skin art that’s been commissioned in the past week: it doesn’t actually depict the play that was run. As football writer Robert Klemko pointed out, a number of pictures that have surfaced online feature tattoos showing TE Trey Burton— who threw the TD pass to Nick Foles— lining up further outside of the formation than he actually did.

Congratulations to all of these people for being the football equivalent of a yoga instructor getting the Chinese symbol for “cheeseburger” tattooed on their ankle.

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