Eli Apple Rants At Fans On Twitter That He’s Getting Paid, DGAF; Odell Beckham Advises Him To STFU

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After a very disappointing 3-13 season that saw the team’s long-time franchise quarterback Eli Manning get benched, perhaps getting into fights with New York Giants fans on Twitter isn’t the smart move for players like cornerback Eli Apple.

Then again, Eli Apple is the same guy who the team suspended this year for telling reporters, “I gotta take a sh*t,” then walking off and was reportedly called a “cancer” by teammate Landon Collins.

Still, when Odell Beckham, Jr., of all people, is telling you take things down a notch on social media, it might actually be time to take a step back and reassess what you’re doing.

Here’s how it went down on Sunday.

First, Apple sent out this tweet, I assume for all the haters…

“I’d rather be hated than loved cause the love was always fake keep that hate coming tho y’all gonna see the real me this yr,” Apple tweeted.

That was the launching pad for what followed as fans chimed in with their responses.

After more back and forth, none of it productive, OBJ decided he had seen enough…

“@EliApple13 stopppp wasting ur energy on these ppl. Please bro,” OBJ advised Apple.

“Brooooo I kno it feels good to tell these ppl off , trust me I would love nothin more than to do the same. But don’t waste ur time on these ppl, half the ppl don’t even have real accounts. Stop bro, ur better than that. U weren’t… and I wasn’t… good enough this year,” tweeted Beckham.

“Just hear me out… it’s really not worth it. Please bro, this what they want…. back to the drawin board. Let’s get it!” OBJ once again advised.

After which Apple decided to end the conversation and responded to his teammate.

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