The Empire State Building Lit Up With Patriots, Eagles Colors And New Yorkers Lost Their GD Minds

empire state building eagle patriots colors

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The Empire State Building, as it often does when a celebration is in order, was lit up on Sunday night with the colors of the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots to celebrate the two teams making it to Super Bowl LII. (We’re still doing Roman numerals, huh, NFL? I thought maybe since Super Bowl L was Super Bowl 50 we were done with that silliness. But I digress.)

Like I said, this is nothing new. For instance, tonight, January 22nd, the Empire State Building will be lit up red in honor of the 25th anniversary of WWE Raw. On Thursday, the building will be lit up in white and blue to honor the 30th anniversary of Phantom of the Opera. It also will be specially lit for Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, the Westminster Dog Show, and numerous other occasions for the rest of the year.

That doesn’t mean New Yorkers have to like it, of course. New Yorkers don’t like many things. That’s just how they roll. So when they caught a glimpse of the Empire State Building lit up in the colors of two of their hated NFL rivals, needless to say, they lost their shit.

That right there is definitely an “oh no they didn’t” moment and the responses from New Yorkers, well, they weren’t very positive.

That… seems a little extreme, but then again, if something like this happened in Philly, well

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