ESPN’s Chris Berman In Hot Water After Implying Chiefs Lost Super Bowl Because Andy Reid Was Distracted By Son’s Car Accident That Nearly Killed Little Girl

ESPN’s Chris Berman found himself in hot water on Sunday night after he made some bizarre comments about Britt Reid’s car accident.

During the segment on NFL Live, Berman speculated that the Chiefs may have lost because Andy Reid was too distracted to coach because he was thinking about the car crash involving his son that left a five-year-old girl fighting for her life.

Coach Reid is only human, and this is Thursday night out of nowhere and no way would the team use it as an excuse but they looked way out sync…No way that the Chiefs would say this distracted them…but this is their leader, coach Reid is their leader, to see their leader hurting like this, they were hurting and I think it reflected

Fans immediately criticized Berman over his tame.