Watch A Fan Try (And Fail) To Sneak Into The Patriots’ Locker Room Wearing A Stolen Security Coat

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Fan Tries To Sneak Into Patriots' Locker Room Posing As Security

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Everyone was very excited to see the New England Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl, in their 11th appearance, and their third in four years… oh, who am I kidding? Literally no one who isn’t from the New England area is still wondering just what the hell happened to the Rams’ offense. (Here’s a good place to start.)

One of the things I thought to myself after the Patriots won it all again was, “I hope Tom Brady’s jersey gets stolen again.”

Petty? Oh, yes. Jealousy? Definitely.

But, of course, that didn’t happen because that would have brought me a modicum of joy. Not that Brady had any idea where his jersey was after the game.

He was probably too busy figuring out how to turn his six Super Bowl rings into an Infinity Gauntlet.

Not that there weren’t any nefarious people trying to get into the Pats locker room after the game. Because there was.

A man wearing a stolen security coat did try to get into the Patriots locker room after the game, but he was denied when the real security people figured out he didn’t belong.

Oh sure, that was no Kevin Hart trying to get on stage for the Eagles’ Super Bowl celebration, but hey, it was worth a shot, right?

Speaking of Kevin Hart, he once again got denied by Super Bowl security after the game, but this time he was rescued by Patriots president Jonathan Kraft.


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