Salty Fans Think Bryce Harper ‘Cheated’ To Win The Home Run Derby, Petition Started

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Last night’s Home Run Derby did not disappoint. Not only were we introduced to Bryce Harper’s dad, who looks he could body slam 2006 Jonah Hill, we also got to see Harper storm back to defeat Cubs’ slugger Kyle Schwarber 19-18 in bonus time in the nation’s capital. Extra time was given to Harper as a reward for hitting two homers at least 440 feet during the 4 minutes of regulation.

Someway, somehow Harper homered on nine of his last 10 swings before entering extra time.

But, Harper’s win didn’t come without a bit of controversy. Some fans believe that Harper and his dad, Ron, cheated to edge out Schwarber by not letting each batted ball land before throwing the next pitch.

The#Justice4Schwarber hashtag is picking up steam on social media and  a petition has been created in hopes to relinquish Harper of his Derby title and give it to its rightful owner, Kyle Schwarber.

At the time of me writing this, the petition has 146 signatures of its goal of 200.

I challenge anyone who claims that Bryce won unfairly to say it to his dad’s face.



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