Fans React To The Completely Ridiculous Goal Urban Meyer Says He Has For The Jaguars

NFL Fans React To The Ridiculous Goal Urban Meyer Says He Has For The Jaguars

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  • NFL fans had a mix of stunned and comical reactions to what Urban Meyer says is his ultimate goal for the Jacksonville Jaguars’ offense.
  • His offensive goal for the Jags is something that only two teams, in college, are even on pace to achieve in 2021.
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If you look up the definition of “in over his head” in the dictionary, there’s a very good chance that these days you will see a photo of Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer.

If Meyer hadn’t already lost the locker room after his viral lap dance video and subsequent apology that reportedly went over like a lead balloon, Trevor Lawrence inadvertently throwing him under the bus after Sunday’s loss that dropped the Jags to 0-5 may have done it.

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And if all of that doesn’t have every player in the Jacksonville Jaguars rolling their eyes anytime Urban Meyer says anything, the former college coach’s comments to the media on Monday certainly will.

According to Mark Long of the Associated Press, Urban Meyer told the media that his goal for the Jaguars’ offense is for them to average 250 yards passing and 250 rushing per game.

That’s a hell of a goal.

In fact, it’s such a hell of a goal, considering Meyers’ Jags are currently averaging 218 yards passing and 129 yards rushing per game.

Oh, and there’s also the fact that only 33 NFL teams have ever gone 250/250 in 52 years.

Meyer does know he’s not coaching in college anymore, right?

Actually, even if he was still coaching in college it would still be a amazingly tall order to achieve those goals considering Ole Miss and Coastal Carolina are the only two teams in all of college to be averaging such numbers.

Needless to say, NFL fans were left gobsmacked by just how out of touch Meyer seems to be with the NFL game… again.

The only thing that could be worse right now for the Jaguars’ faithful would be if the team decided to hire Jeff Fisher to replace Urban Meyer. But they would NEVER do that, right?

Oh, god.