Dude In Cowboys Jersey Gets Doused In Ketchup And Mustard At The Eagles Game As Fantasy Football Punishment

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It was just three short weeks ago when Eagles fans pretended they had an ounce of decorum when they scolded Cowboys fans for cheering when Carson Wentz went down with a season-ending ACL injury. Cheering for an injury is reprehensible, but pretending like you’re above it is downright disingenuous. I guess we’re all just supposed to forge that time back in 1998 when Philly fans cheered Michael Irvin’s career-ending spinal cord injury. Granted, generalizing an entire fan base with a broad brush is lazy, but check out the resume: Philly fans threw a bottle at Ryan Howard on his way back to the dugout, chucked bracelets honoring the Flyer’s recently deceased co-owner onto the ice following an embarrassing playoff loss, hummed snowballs at Santa, and, worst of all, that time a Phillies fan intentionally vomited on a child. I’m not saying every Philadelphia fan is a mouth-breathing neanderthal, but there are enough bad apples to make the case that something’s wrong with the orchard.

After a meaningless Christmas Eve game that had zero ramifications for either team, a dude videotaped a Cowboys fan being squirted with ketchup and mustard as he sheepishly walked back to his car. My immediate response was ‘Philly gon’ Philly,’ but in this case, the walking hot dog deserved it. According to Total Pro Sports, the person who recorded the video was a participant in a fantasy football league and the guy who was turned into an Andy Warhol painting was the league’s loser.

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