Fantasy Owners Are Going Ballistic After NFL Makes Meaningless Stat Change To Ezekiel Elliott Fumble, Eliminating Them From Playoffs

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Imagine punching your ticket to your fantasy football championship after Sunday’s Cowboys/Colts game, talking so much shit that other members of your league are forming a secret mutiny to kick your gloating ass out of the league next year and replace you with Trent’s pissant little brother, and then have your dreams of fantasy football royalty ripped from your cold, lifeless hands.

That’s what happened to several fantasy owners after an Ezekiel Elliott fourth down play that resulted in a fumble got changed to a turnover on downs, and giving Zeke two points back while subtracting two from the Colts D.

The change caused an uproar on Twitter, with fantasy owners pointing fingers at platforms like ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS Sports for making the tardy ruling, but as ESPN’s Field Yates reports, stat corrections are handled by the NFL and distributed to these platforms on Wednesday and Thursday of each week.

That didn’t stop a bunch of depressed people from venting online about what could have been.

As they say, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure.” Props to the dudes who squeaked into their championships thanks to the technicality.

This. Is. Why. We. Play. The. Game.

[h/t For The Win]

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