Everyone’s In Awe Of The Size Of The Florida Gators New Team Photo

Everyone's In Awe Of The Size Of The Florida Gators New Team Photo

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As the 2022 College Football season is just a hop, skip, and a jump away it’s time for the annual team photos. The Florida Gators debuted their 2022 team photos on Tuesday and we’re in complete awe over the size of their staff.

There isn’t a ton of recent and reliable data on this, but a CBS article from 2017 had numbers from a survey on the average staff size of college football teams across each conference. At that time, the Big Ten led all conferences with an average staff size of 31.6 followed by the SEC with an average staff size of 31.5.

That survey did account for graduate assistants, for anyone wondering. That was my first thought too, even more so after seeing this picture below of the 2022 Florida Gators.

The 2022 Florida Gators Team Photo Is MASSIVE

The front row has 23 Florida Gators from left to right and there are people sitting on 12 rows. Those rows do get a little less wide up at the top but there’s still probably over 250 people here:

That’s legitimately more students than there was at my high school. Not just my graduating class, my entire high school. And 98.2% of companies in the USA have fewer than 100 employees. So the 2022 Florida Gators are like twice the size of most companies.

Everyone seemed to notice how big this Gators staff is

Here’s a look at the 2006 team (National Champions) versus this 2022 team, for comparison’s sake:

It certainly appears they do:

Someone had to say it:

What’s it going to take to get this nickname for Billy Napier to catch on?

Surely there are studies that show student-athletes benefit from having 24/7/365 handlers to keep them out of trouble, right??

They’re selling Florida Gators tickets at Costco now?! What’s this have to do with staff size??

The current over/under projected wins total for the Florida Gators is 6.5. They went 6-7 in 2022 despite starting the preseason ranked 13th and moving up to 10th ranked overall.

If you are curious about how staff sizes work in college football, you can read more about that here on SI. The previous rules stipulated teams could have 1 head coach and 10 assistants. I’m not certain if that’s still the case or if those rules have since changed.

And check out their new training facility here:

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