Floyd Mayweather Says He Used His ‘Good Friend’ Paulie Malignaggi To Spy On ‘Sucka’ Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather has taken his psychological warfare against Conor McGregor up a notch. Last night, FightHype caught up McGregor’s former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi at Floyd’s Vegas boxing gym and both fighters were having a good laugh at Conor’s expense.

During the interview, a jovial Mayweather revealed that he had used Paulie to infiltrate Conor’s camp to spy and retrieve information for him.

Paulie has always been my friend,”

“My friend called me and said, ‘Floyd, do you want me to go to (Conor’s) camp?’ I said, ‘Abso-f*ckin’-lutely.’ … Paulie, thank you for going over there like I asked you to do.”

Me and Paulie gonna stay at the house and talk about strategy,”“We’re gonna talk about everything. Paulie, thank you for going over there like I asked you to.”

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It probably wasn’t a good idea for McGregor to piss off a sparring partner who has been known to be friendly with Mayweather.