Floyd Mayweather Talks About Going Straight At Conor, The After Party At His Strip Club, And Prop Bets

Floyd Mayweather was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night where he talked about the fight against Conor McGregor. For better or worse, this will be the biggest fight of the year. The hype is insane. These two fighters are going to make hundreds of millions of dollars, and two weekends from now Vegas will be the most fun city on the planet in that moment.

During Floyd Mayweather‘s guest appearance on Kimmel last night he discussed how he’d make $300,000 at his strip club where he’ll be hosting an after party the night of the fight. He also sat with Jimmy Kimmel to analyze the fight prop bets. Floyd Mayweather IS allowed to bet on himself for this fight, and he says he plans on betting $$$$ on himself. Jimmy asks Floyd if he’s allowed to bet against himself, assuming that there are legal hurdles there because it could potentially lead a boxer to throw a fight for a great pay day. Floyd skirts the question and instead says that he’s never going to bet against himself.

The two then get into a discussion on the prop bets that are surrounding this fight.

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I think my favorite part of this discussion is when Floyd Mayweather guarantees Jimmy Kimmel’s bet. Telling him whatever he bets and he doesn’t win, Floyd will give that money back to Jimmy. How fucking great would the world of gambling be if the athletes always guaranteed our bets?!