Floyd Mayweather Was Asked About The ‘Me Too’ Movement And His Brain Broke

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Asking Floyd Mayweather for a nuanced answer on sexual harassment is like asking PETA how to cook a steak. Floyd Mayweather can only speak on Floyd Mayweather. He’s like one of those Chatty Cathy dolls who has only five sayings when you pull his string back: and all five of them are about how much money he makes.

So, when Men’s Health reporter Jordyn Taylor sat down with the 40-year-old retired boxer and asked him about the ‘Me Too’ Movement–a viral campaign to denounce sexual assault and harassment–she might as well have been talking to him in Chinese…

We’re asking a lot of men, in light of the #MeToo movement, how men can grow in 2018.

The who?

The #MeToo movement. Women speaking out about sexual assault.

When you say “me too” … When somebody is like, “I got a Rolls Royce, I be like ‘me too.'” When somebody say they got a private jet, I say, “Me too. I got two. Me too.”

This is a very different —

Well, I didn’t know! My Me Too movement from the beginning was whenever somebody said what they have I’m like, “me too.” Somebody say they got a billion dollars, I say, “I made a billion dollars, me too.”

I know you have a sensitive side. You’ve talked about your sensitive side before.

Of course. I mean, you live and you learn. I think everyone, if you’re in an uncomfortable position, you have to pray about it, you know, talk about it, and I think that, you know, sexual harassment, I don’t think it’s cool at all.

What is the most cringeworthy situation you can possibly think of? For me, it’s being a fly on the wall for a first date between Floyd Mayweather and Lena Dunham. I wouldn’t wish that awkwardness on my worst enemy.

[h/t Men’s Health]



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