Flyers Fans Relentlessly Chanted ‘She Said No’ Every Time Patrick Kane Touched The Puck Last Night

On Wednesday night, Philadelphia Flyers fans were relentless with their treatment of Patrick Kane during the team’s 3-0 drubbing of the Chicago Blackhawks. Literally, every time the Blackhawks’ #88 touched the puck, he was met with a chorus of boos which more often than not led to hearty chants of “She said no!” – harping on the rape allegations Kane stands accused of.

Philadelphia’s gonna Philadelphia.


I can honestly attest that this happened every single time Patty Kane touched the puck, because I was there, witnessing in astonishment as rape allegations were now being used as taunting ammunition to put the NHL star off his game.


Do I think it was justified? No, absolutely not. I’m all for partaking in the booing, but this really toed the blue line of acceptable in public. Towards the end of the 3rd period, I sincerely started feeling sympathy for Kaner. After all, he only stands accused of the charges he’s facing, and that’s a hell of a lot different than being convicted.

But do I think it was a great way to get inside someone’s head? Of course. Most definitely. Imagine trying to play a game when you have some 15,000 people vocally singling you out every time you attempted to do anything. There’s no way that isn’t rough. And it was clearly visible in the right winger’s play last night.

Trust me, I’m elated to have witnessed the Flyers beat the hell out of the defending Stanley Cup champions. But I hope rape chants aren’t our go to in the future as much as good hockey is…

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