Former NFL All-Pro ‘Might Come Back’ For One Game

Former Steelers star Le'Veon Bell

Getty Image / Justin K Aller

It looks like we’ve entered the season of the potential comeback in the NFL.

A couple of weeks ago, former All-Pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall revealed that he wanted to come out of retirement and return to the Jets to play alongside Aaron Rodgers.

Last night, Antonio Brown’s agent claimed that he’s getting interest from NFL teams and is looking for the right fit.

Now another former All-Pro and former teammate of Brown’s has joined the list of players looking to get back onto the NFL field after being away for an extended period.

Le’Veon Bell appeared on the Steel Here podcast today and revealed that he wants to retire as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but also wants to take a few carries in a preseason game to show what he’s capable of before he officially calls it a career.

“The day when I do retire, it is going to be with Pittsburgh,” Bell said. “Before I do that, I may be like, hey, let me get a couple of carries in the preseason so I can show y’all something.”

Bell spent the first 5 seasons of his NFL career with the Steelers, racking up almost 8000 total yards and 42 touchdowns as a member of one of the league’s most formidable offenses.

Unfortunately, a contract dispute ahead of his 6th season in the league led to him sitting out the entire 2018 season. He ended up signing with the New York Jets in 2019.

He was never able to recreate the success he had with the Steelers in his time with the Jets or during his stops in Baltimore, Kansas City, or Tampa Bay.

Le’Veon Bell wasn’t on an NFL roster during the 2022 season, but it looks like the former Pittsburgh Steelers star wants just one more chance to show what he has left in the tank.