Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell Wore A Plastic Bag Over His Head Because The Eagles Really Suck


CSN Philly

While the Philadelphia Eagles have been shitty as hell all season long, yesterday’s 45-17 blowout loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might have been the new low point, as the defense sucked serious dong by giving up five TD passes to a rookie quarterback and surrendered 235 yards on the ground to Doug Martin.

With things falling apart in Philly, it’s not surprising that fans are pissed as fuck about the embarrassment—but former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell took things next level with his display of hatred for the team.

Rendell was so outraged and ashamed to be an Eagles fan that he actually tied a plastic bag around his damn head on live TV while joining a Philly postgame show, risking his life for his hatred for what he has seen on the gridiron.

Hopefully this doesn’t spark more Philly fans to do the same—so don’t try this at home, bros—although, let’s be honest, watching this team is just like a slow and painful death.

[H/T SB Nation]

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