Former UFC Fighter Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Over $200K Worth Of Jewelry

Former UFC fighter Karl Roberson

Getty Image / Mike Roach

A former UFC fighter is in deep water right now after reports come to light about an alleged robbery.

According to MMA Fighting, Karl Roberson allegedly stole over $200,000 worth of jewelry and valuables.

MMA Fighting reports that “Ex-UFC fighter Karl Roberson has been charged in connection to a robbery in New Jersey where police say over $200,000 of jewelry and valuables were stolen.”

Ryan Jackson, the detective on the case, confirmed it was Roberson who was one of the people involved in the robbery, per MMA Fighting.

“Yes, it would be the same person, Mr. Roberson. I’m familiar with his UFC career. It is definitely the UFC fighter, I’m well aware of that.”

Since the arrest, Karl Roberson has been released on bail. Detective Jackson weighed in on that as well.

“I’m aware that he’s been released. He was lodged at our county jail for two to three weeks, I’m not sure the timeframe, since then he has been released.”

Roberson apparently didn’t work alone in his alleged crime. MMA Fighting provides more details of the alleged incident.

“Roberson, 32, was one of two men arrested following an investigation into a residential burglary where the suspects allegedly pried open a rear door and once inside, made their way to the master bedroom where they allegedly located and stole over $200,000 in exotic jewelry and valuables. The suspects were captured on home security surveillance cameras both inside and outside the home.”

Roberson and his accomplice are reportedly facing serious charges.

They’re each facing burglary charges, which “are considered a second or third-degree felony in New Jersey, depending on the severity of the crime, and carry a potential term of up to 10 years in prison if convicted,” per MMA Fighting.

Karl Roberson recently ended his stint with the UFC back in 2022 after losing his fourth straight fight against Kennedy Nzechukwu. Roberson ended his tenure with the organization after going 4-6 through 10 fights.

We’ll see what transpires, as more updates will come about once more information is released.