Four Teams Voted Against Ending The MLB Lockout And Fans Were Not Very Surprised By Who They Were

Four Teams Voted Against Ending Lockout Fans Reacted Appropriately

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As if Major League Baseball fans didn’t already have enough reasons to hate the New York Yankees and Houston Astros, here’s another one.

The Yankees, Astros, St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets were the only four teams who voted NO to ending the 99 day player lockout on Thursday, according to MLB insider Jon Heyman.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic also reported that the players’ board vote to accept a deal was 26 to 12. The executive subcommittee voted 8 to 0 against the deal, while 26 of 30 team reps voted in favor.

The Major League Baseball Players Association executive subcommittee is made up of the Players Association’s top elected officers: MLBPA Reps (Andrew Miller, Max Scherzer), Alternate MLBPA Reps (Francisco Lindor, Marcus Semien), Pension Committee Reps (Zack Britton, James Paxton) and Alternate Pension Committee Reps (Jason Castro, Gerrit Cole).

Reportedly, the four MLB teams that also voted no on the new collective bargaining agreement have close ties to the MLBPA executive subcommittee.

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Interestingly, five of the eight MLBPA executive subcommittee members are represented by agent Scott Boras. They have also, according to Sports Illustrated, earned a combined $1.53 billion, including guaranteed future earnings.

The vast majority of the 1,100 players disagreed with their leaders, a shocking turn as negotiations go. The rank and file decided they liked the deal better than those who were sitting at the table. They weren’t about to lose two weeks’ worth of paychecks—that’s $53,846 for those making the minimum, a 22.7% raise—just to give the Yankees or Dodgers another $2 million to spend on Freeman. More than two-thirds of the players earned less than $1 million.

MLB Network’s Harold Reynolds said the players overruling the executive subcommittee is something he has “never heard of” before. It just tells you the direction of our game, that the game is younger.”

The four teams that voted against ending the lockout are four teams fans love to hate

Gerrit Cole, one of the eight subcommittee members, said, “The vote is a very democratic process and I think it reflected the opinion of 1,200 players and where we were at today. I think that’s the beauty of the process that we have.”

He added that the unanimous vote against the new CBA by the subcommittee was because they all “wanted to stick together.”

“That was how our vote was reflected. I’m not really looking to talk about negative things right now while everyone is excited about the deal,” he added. “We had our reasons, but those can be discussed at another time.”

Baseball fans upon hearing the news that the Yankees, Astros, Cardinals and Mets were the only teams to vote against ending the lockout expressed their opinions appropriately.

Pretty much.

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